Exhibitors Profils


  • Surface and floor cleanliness in industrial and tertiary environments: machines, materials and cleaning equipment, wiping materials, equipment rental, measurement and control, IT, consumables…
  • Surface cleanliness in sensitive environments: machines, equipment, small equipment and cleaning accessories, wiping materials, equipment rental, measurement and control, IT, consumables…
  • Professional vehicles
  • Laundry: laundry equipment
  • Sanitation: appliances, accessories, supplies…
  • Urban cleanliness & roads: cleaning machines, cleaning materials, cleaning vehicles, electric cleaning vehicles, equipment and machinery rental, field computing…
  • Cleaning and treatment of buildings and facades: small equipment and accessories, lifting equipment, platforms and scaffolding
  • Maintenance of green spaces
  • Cleaning, maintenance and hygiene: detergent products, cleaning products, hand hygiene products, deodorizing products…
  • Disinfection, disinfection, rodent control: disinfection products, rodent control products…
  • Laundry products: washing products, fabric softeners, powders…
  • Work and image clothing: work and image clothing, staff clothing, clothing rental and maintenance, consumables…
  • Safety and personal protection: personal protective equipment, consumables…

Consulting and engineering, professional training, IT solution


Recycle, Reuse- Materials
Recycling, Reuse
Eco-materials and biomaterials

Waste treatment

Vehicles, Logistics (handling, storage)
Cleaning, (Machines, Small equipment, Accessories, Products)

Recycling – Reuse- Materials
Recycling, Reuse
Eco-materials and biomaterials

Waste treatment

Water Resource Management
Treatment, Distribution, Sanitation
Water efficiency, Smart Water
New water resources (desalination, rainwater…)

Network management and performance
Pipelines (Pipes, Hoses, Fittings, Joints)
Inspection, maintenance and upkeep of pipes
Pumps, Valves
Automation, Smart Systems, IoT

Treatment and deodorization of odorous compounds
Transport and evacuation of gases and fumes
Equipment and treatment of polluting gases
Treatment and dedusting of particles
Indoor air quality

Computer science and software
Analytical, measurement and control laboratories

Diagnosis – Audit
Soil analysis
Surveillance, monitoring
Project management
Equipment, materials and products
Site rehabilitation Remediation work


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    Who's visiting?


    Purchasing departments of cleaning companies
    Purchasing departments of distributors / Hygiene and cleanliness referencing centers
    Technical services departments of communities
    Environment, Hygiene and Health Departments
    Work Environment Departments / General Services
    Non-Production/Indirect Purchasing Departments
    Technical Departments
    Directions Facility Management
    General directions of the services of communities
    CSR Manager



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    ▪ The promotion of your event via program and website,

    ▪ The file of the listeners of your workshop

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    Advice and reservations for restaurants or hotels
    Advice and organization of client parties
    Modifications and reservations of transport tickets
    Booking of cabs, cars with driver
    DHL, Fedex, UPS, Coursier...
    Orders and deliveries on stand of flowers/gifts/meals, urgent or last minute purchases

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